Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trip to Texas

Last week Daddy, Catherine C. and I were so blessed to attend Vision Forums Christian Film Festival in San Antonio! Unfortunately (and I'm so sorry Kressy;) I didn't actually get any pics. of the festival, just before and after. I guess I was to busy talking with all the wonderful people there and watching all the amazing movies! And there were so many friends to catch up with and one film I particularly loved: Ace Wonder, by Huemoore Productions.

Our first stop for lunch, a gas station ;) A sure sign of how the rest of our food adventures would end up

Of course on our way out we had to stop at the little alligator place!

And have a photo shoot

"Welcome to the Davis bed and breakfast! We have the best Cajun food, comfy beds, AND
a baby grand piano!"

Inwardly she is jumping up and down with ecstasy!

I think I actually did jump up and down but no one caught it on camera ;)

Thank y'all so much for ya'lls wonderful hospitality!

Finally in Texas!!!! First stop, the River walk!!!

I thought this was a pretty cool looking place to take a pic ;)

Till the next day when I discovered it's usually covered in water :)

We ate this cute little place called The Rain forest Cafe

Our little dinner companion

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  1. Looks like fun, I do miss your family's show on TV, we always enjoyed watching the featured film or show! And praying for your siblings to get here safely!