Sunday, November 21, 2010

All matchin' for the final dance! Y'all are so cute ;)

Waiting for the two princesses to appear!

Princess #1
And #2

Thank y'all so much for such a delightful dance!

Friday, November 19, 2010

An Overview of October

Here's some little tidbits from last month ;)

Daddy turned 50!

We visited St. Mountain SEVERAL times

Tried to till our garden up and found this cement post!

How did we miss that last year?

Enjoyed the pretty perfect weather

Remilled soap

And made shampoo!

Sent a dear friend of ours a quilt we made

And, last but not least the Dear A. family came for a visit and fixed our bus!!
Thank y'all so much!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trip to Texas

Last week Daddy, Catherine C. and I were so blessed to attend Vision Forums Christian Film Festival in San Antonio! Unfortunately (and I'm so sorry Kressy;) I didn't actually get any pics. of the festival, just before and after. I guess I was to busy talking with all the wonderful people there and watching all the amazing movies! And there were so many friends to catch up with and one film I particularly loved: Ace Wonder, by Huemoore Productions.

Our first stop for lunch, a gas station ;) A sure sign of how the rest of our food adventures would end up

Of course on our way out we had to stop at the little alligator place!

And have a photo shoot

"Welcome to the Davis bed and breakfast! We have the best Cajun food, comfy beds, AND
a baby grand piano!"

Inwardly she is jumping up and down with ecstasy!

I think I actually did jump up and down but no one caught it on camera ;)

Thank y'all so much for ya'lls wonderful hospitality!

Finally in Texas!!!! First stop, the River walk!!!

I thought this was a pretty cool looking place to take a pic ;)

Till the next day when I discovered it's usually covered in water :)

We ate this cute little place called The Rain forest Cafe

Our little dinner companion
We got this really yummy raspberry drinks!

Yeah, REALLY yummy ;)

Daddy wondering what he's going to do with us!

A creepy little fish who stared us down the whole time we were there!

Some of the men from the Alamo (I'm not sure where the pictures of the Alamo ended up at!)

The perfect place to take pictures!

On the trip home we got little car fever!

So we had camera wars!!!

Trying for an 'artsy' picture

That's as close as we got!

Desperately wanting to get out of the car I decided we really did needed a pic of daddy ordering our food!

It was such a refreshing and super fun trip! Thank you so much daddy for taking me!