Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wallace Johnson Smith

This past Monday, August 16, my sister-in-law Katie had her 3 little boy!! She had such a fast delivery that we hadn't packed the car to get down there when she had him! Praise the Lord for this 10 pound 5 ounce blessing!

We arrived around 1ish and all rushed into to see mother and child! What a cutie he is!

Happy parents :)

"Yay John-John! you have a new cousin!"

"Hmm, I wonder if he's my new play toy?"

Meeting Uncle Armani

Wallace and Wallace, two precious boys!!

"This is Jallace Wonson!" ;)

Your such a good big brother Bretski!

Gettin my turn!! I love Bret's little protective look here ;)

"I wonder if I can hold him now?!"

We're all so happy Charlie and Kate and can't wait to come back down to see y'all and all your kiddo's!!

Auntie (for the 9th time!!!!!) Bethy