Friday, December 3, 2010

The Pre-ball at the Sanders

I had the wonderful pleasure of going with Brit and Rockey L. to the Sanders to teach/learn some new dances for this years New Years ball!

I finally got to see Darth's beautiful house!

Rachy, our welcoming committee (Actually, Mr. Tim and Mrs. Wendi met us on the driveway but I didn't get any pics of them ;)

The music committee

And they're critiquer ;)

Holy cow! Girls EVERYWHERE!

And they're BOOTS! They're so much fun ;)

Our lovely hostess

"Aunt Beth, you've got to see what's downstairs!"..................;)

two large porkers hanging in the freezer!!!

Preparing to serve the meal


While Joey manned the fort we gather in the barn to.....

Dance!!!!And dance............

and dance some more........

What is going through everyone's minds at this particular moment? :)
Over under, over under, under, no over, under, under over, no it's over then under UGH!! Now I'm all confused!

So, let's just play cards, it's alot easier ;)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

All matchin' for the final dance! Y'all are so cute ;)

Waiting for the two princesses to appear!

Princess #1
And #2

Thank y'all so much for such a delightful dance!

Friday, November 19, 2010

An Overview of October

Here's some little tidbits from last month ;)

Daddy turned 50!

We visited St. Mountain SEVERAL times

Tried to till our garden up and found this cement post!

How did we miss that last year?

Enjoyed the pretty perfect weather

Remilled soap

And made shampoo!

Sent a dear friend of ours a quilt we made

And, last but not least the Dear A. family came for a visit and fixed our bus!!
Thank y'all so much!