Monday, May 9, 2011

La Nina Isabella!!!

My dear sister Kressant had her first little girl, Isabella Grace, on Easter Sunday!

Here's the first picture we got of the little darling!

Meeting U. Andrew!

Excited Cousin ;)And Big Brother!

What a little blue eyed beauty she is!

Maybe she'll be a thumb sucker?

What'cha think Willum?

Yes, he asked if he could 'Pet her'. I guess he's been hanging out with Britt. L. to much ;)

Going on her first outing in her new carseat!

awww..... ;)

I've been with my dear sister and brother for a week now, and I'm just soaking up all the delightful auntie time I'm getting! I have so many beautiful pictures I can't wait to do another blog post of the little cutie ;)