Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh the Joys of Spring!


Herb of the month: Plantain

Hello Everybody!
A couple of weeks ago I started an herb class, that I am absolutely loving, that teaches you how to identify different herbs in the wild, how to harvest them and then (this is the fun part) how to use them for medicinal purposes, so that if your out in the woods and you fall and scrape your self up, or perhaps you get bit by a snake (hey, it could happen to you!) or maybe your allergic to something, I'll know how to cure you! (Hypothetically speaking) Sounds like fun, right?!
But I'm afraid it has turned me into quite a strange person, (I was peculiar to start with but now I'm officially 'strange') stopping on the side of the road to pick this, or making bitter soups out of that and yelling "Don't step on that!" "It's just a weed" says my poor sibling, to which I reply "How dare you! That's rumex and it's quite good for you, here, pick some and we'll cook with it";) To which they groan and declare they aren't hungry for lunch anymore!
Despite the apparent difficulties of finding good ways to get the herbs inside my family we have had some wonderful results with a particular herb I'd like to share with you called, Plantain. We have used it as a poultice on scraps and as a tea for allergies. For both it has worked like a charm! Plus, it grows absolutely everywhere around here!

Here is the lanced leaf Plantain plant, right in our own back yard!

I have found it growing along the road side, by the sidewalks and in every ones yard I walk into!

For poultices I simply chop up the leaf a bit, add some hot water to it on a paper towel and slather it on the bite, cut or bruise! For more information visit my teachers website. She's absolutely brilliant! I have been so blessed to learn from this inspiring woman.
Well, I hope the Lord blesses with these herbs, as he has blessed me!

Praising his awesome creation,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bethany Lynn

Here are some pictures of Bethany, as there aren't very many on this blog of her. She is such a dear sister to me!

~Rachel Morton

Wesley and Rachel came for a visit...

Wesley, Rachel and mini-Wes

"I love my Abita."

Yon tree monkey (or chain monkey)

Fish impersonations. (William not Mom).

"That's right, get up a little more speed and let go Auntie!"

Of course we have to have Kress in on the fun via phone, lol!

He so looks like he knows he's cute.

"If only someone would bring me some lemonade..."

A very staged nephew pix.
"I can't believe I forgot my shades."

The "I don't have time for this" stare.

Some folks are just 'Baby People'. Babies all love Madi!

"Hurry, get it before I drop him!"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Climbing the big Rock

Heading out to Stone Mountain with Alan and Katie!

My dear parents
A quick save!

The three Smith warriors view the others struggling up;)

Even Essi made it half way up! She's so cute with her new little habit of biting her lip!

Kate and Esther stopping at the half way point

Got enough to carry Charlie? ;)

The first to make it up!
This picture is so neat, it looks like Maud just came from a drop off!

The stragglers join us!

The Ham pauses for a photo;)

The happy climbers #1

Happy climbers #2

Smithy men (ya'll are all so handsome!)

The next generation coming over the ridge!

Blessed is the man who fears the Lord,
who finds great delight in his commands.
His children will be mighty in the land;
the generation of the upright will be blessed.
Psalm 112:1-2

Looking at the town below

Daddy-O grilling our sheep burgers;)

Mr. Hat Hair, charming;)

Daddy serenading us! It was so pretty and perfect for the mood.

The seasoned warrior, contemplating great thoughts

The results of our long, tiring but very fun day! Thank you Daddy for such a delightful trip!