Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good Morning Everyone!

It has dawned on me that I have neglected this poor little blog terribly! I have so many pictures, but so little time to post ;)
So, here is a hogesmogin of my fav. pictures from when I stayed with M&K when Isa was born!

Mama reading to all her munchies

Gorgeousness :)

What a handsome little bunch!

What a face! Esther your such a good big cousin!

Why I can't I hold her?
In which Carlos locks his cousin in 'Jail' :)

Johnny gives the sweetest kisses!!!

One of my fav. pictures

Having fun with pinks and frills!!!

"We're gonna take walk outside today........" (Milo and Otis, the 'new' movie of the month! ;)

Mike and Kressy's house!!

I love Rachy's new lights on her porch!

So does Joey :)

She is NOT crying! She's yawning, or talking, or maybe she's trying to eat me!

William loving on Johnny

"I stand with Adam"................

"Well don't stand to close" (seven brides for seven bros)

Have a blessed day!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Sign Up Now for the Daughters of Sarah Father-Daughter Retreat!

Daughters in this country are immersed in a culture that promotes an unbiblical view of the roles and expectations of unmarried young women.

Rather than the biblical model of a young woman remaining under the spiritual and physical covering of her father until she comes under the covering of a husband, a young woman is expected to leave her home and become independent. Rather than building the knowledge and skillsets she will need to become a wife, mother, and household manager, she is expected to pursue a career and learn to “take care of herself.” Rather than learning how to become the kind of helper her husband will need by learning to be a good helper to her father, she is expected to get a job and become the helper of some other man totally unrelated to the family, and quite likely not even a believer. Rather than trusting her father to guide her through the negotiations for her marriage, she is expected to enter into one unbiblical romantic relationship after another through dating.
Even homeschooling families are succumbing to the influences of this culture. Thousands of Christian women who left the workplace and came home in the 90s and 00s to homeschool their children are now training their daughters to leave home and move into the workplace.
To provide inspiration, encouragement, and vision to fathers and daughters seeking a more biblical approach to life, the Homeschool Advantage is planning a Daughters of Sarah Father-Daughter Retreat for September 9-10, 2011.

Keynote Speakers David and Elysse Barrett of Biblical Worldview Learning Center

Authors of the powerful book "Fathers and Daughters: Raising Polished Cornerstones," father-daughter team David & Elysse Barrett will be bringing messages designed to inform and inspire.
Special accommodations are available onsite at the conference center for those who register early. Early Bird registration pricing ends July 31st. Visit the website for more information.