Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Alabama Conference

Part of our family went to Alabama, shortly after the tornado, to a conference to vidoe tape!

Kevin Swanson, deffinatly our new favorite speaker!

Our dear Hostess!

Katie and Amy-J, sweet friends :) Turns out I had met Katie (on the right) a couple of years ago at the Father/Daughter Retreat! Small world! It was such a joy to see her again and meet her friends!

These shoes kinda creep me out. I can't figure out what to think of them!

Mr. Joel McDurmon, a very interesting speaker!

This gentleman was from Bulgaria, and he had some very inspiring things to say about taking care of your elderly, instead of having the government do it for you!

Mrs. Maddox and her precious little girl

Miss Scarlette and my self!

Saying goodbye to our dear hostess and her son!

Picking up all our gear

This was the cutest little church ever!

Beauty Queen and Hams

This is probably my favorite picture from the whole weekend, so I shall leave you with it!