Thursday, April 22, 2010

Herb of the month: Plantain

Hello Everybody!
A couple of weeks ago I started an herb class, that I am absolutely loving, that teaches you how to identify different herbs in the wild, how to harvest them and then (this is the fun part) how to use them for medicinal purposes, so that if your out in the woods and you fall and scrape your self up, or perhaps you get bit by a snake (hey, it could happen to you!) or maybe your allergic to something, I'll know how to cure you! (Hypothetically speaking) Sounds like fun, right?!
But I'm afraid it has turned me into quite a strange person, (I was peculiar to start with but now I'm officially 'strange') stopping on the side of the road to pick this, or making bitter soups out of that and yelling "Don't step on that!" "It's just a weed" says my poor sibling, to which I reply "How dare you! That's rumex and it's quite good for you, here, pick some and we'll cook with it";) To which they groan and declare they aren't hungry for lunch anymore!
Despite the apparent difficulties of finding good ways to get the herbs inside my family we have had some wonderful results with a particular herb I'd like to share with you called, Plantain. We have used it as a poultice on scraps and as a tea for allergies. For both it has worked like a charm! Plus, it grows absolutely everywhere around here!

Here is the lanced leaf Plantain plant, right in our own back yard!

I have found it growing along the road side, by the sidewalks and in every ones yard I walk into!

For poultices I simply chop up the leaf a bit, add some hot water to it on a paper towel and slather it on the bite, cut or bruise! For more information visit my teachers website. She's absolutely brilliant! I have been so blessed to learn from this inspiring woman.
Well, I hope the Lord blesses with these herbs, as he has blessed me!

Praising his awesome creation,


  1. We have plantian where we live too and we often use it for bee stings and anything else we need to cure! I love plantain!


  2. Thanks Bethany for this herb lesson. I have saved your teachers site and will read more later. I love herbs. And yes, I've crossed over to "strange" too, apparently. LOL You are a lovely young woman. The pictures of the family are wonderful. Continue to keep us posted on the family. Auntie Dianna

  3. Ooooh I wonder if we have any plantain.

  4. I have enjoyed reading about the plantain herb on your blog, Bethany! (This is Mrs. Zick). Brian came out and told me he read about them there and is making tea right now from some plantain leaves he found in our yard. He has poison Ivy, and also a kazillion (exaggeration) allergies we just found out from the DR yesterday when we took Archer for a referral for his cast - we took all 4 children with symptoms of different things. Archer just recently fractured his arm (Sunday eve) and I right now I have it wrapped in a comfrey poultice & wrapped in a stiff bandage - he gets a cast put on tomorrow, but I am doing all I can to speed up the healing in the meantime. We have been doing a lot of herb research as of late and this week has been crazy with stuff happening here. Benjamin has the chicken pox, but I have not tried to find an herb for that yet - thankfully the case seems mild. Brock has an allergy to something around here and is wheezing terribly, so we are going to try some plantain tea on him as well (the allergy med the dr prescribed does not seem to be doing much). Last but not least, poor Chelle is lying down right now with a cool cloth over her eyes trying to feel better from her allergies. Have been thinking of your family a lot and enjoy reading your blog, although I usually don't have too much time, so Brian and Chelle keep me up to date. Tell your father, mother and siblings hello from us!

  5. Hello Mrs. Zick! I am so sorry to hear about all the illnesses in your family. I pray y'all are doing better.
    Our family has ALOT of allergies around here too, especially in the spring when the pollen count is sky high! One herb that I LOVE for my allergies is Mullein. It really helps with respiratory problems and always helps clear the mucus from my chest! Whenever I get stuffed up or I start coughing I immediately make up a whole pot of Mullein tea and drink the whole thing in a few hours, and I usually feel ALOT better afterwards!
    We also have it growing around here, but it's not as abundant as plantain. Perhaps I'll do a post on it next;)
    Tell everyone I said hello, and God Bless!